Why Grit?

“The Gritty Musician” started life in 2015 as “Get Some Grit,” a podcast for musicians in progress. As a college music professor who took the toughest path possible on the way to my job, I believe that I have an obligation to share my experiences and insight with anyone on the path to success.

So why grit? We all know that talent is important, but there are tons of talented people who fall by the wayside. When I look at anyone who has realized long term, sustained success, grit makes the difference. Grit pushes the CEO to stay later in the day than any employee under their charge. Grit pushes the athlete to do ten extra pushups when their arms are screaming in pain. Regardless of discipline, grit drives excellence!

I meet musicians from all over the country, and the same questions can comments keep showing up. Do you feel like no one “gets” what you’re trying to achieve? Is your life out of balance from working too hard and making no time to restore? Come along with me each week as I discuss topics that I believe shape and impact our ability to cultivate and increase our grittiness through stories, anecdotes, and the occasional interview.