Episode 33 – “Margin”

This week’s topic, margin, is near and dear to me, and I hope that if this episode speaks to you, that you’ll consider your margins as you go through the week. You probably know the word margin as a part of your word processing software.  If you look on a page in a book, the margins are the blank spaces around the text.  The narrower the margin, the more words you can fit on the page. The wider the margin, the cleaner and less cluttered the page can look, but few words fit on the page.
Margins also exist in many facets of life: financial, emotional, etc. The more margin you have, the better! It’s easy to justify giving up ground when you call it “working hard” or “not settling for average.”  It’s hard to stand your ground, be confident in the work you do, and let the world know when you’ve reached your limit. You have to learn how to say no! Remember, “Each time you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something else.”
The things on your calendar should fall pretty squarely into three categories:
1. something that is directly tied to our job description
2. something we simply do because we want to do it in our free time
3. something we do because when we don’t do it, others make us feel guilty about not doing it
The first two are healthy, but the third is not! Want to learn how to trip the guilt trippers? Tune in next week!

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