Learning to play as hard as I work.

Hey Gritty Musicians! This week’s episode was inspired by another person’s podcast episode. Check out the show here:
Aaron is rapidly becoming one of my heroes. Here is the top line of his bio:
“I want to help you restore balance and discover your path to a well-lived life. I write and speak on how to make adjustments to your thinking, your beliefs and your habits. The rewards are experiencing more joy, adventure and connection.”
I like it. I like it a lot. And his story can serve as a lesson for those of us out there who are struggling in this area. He is a writer, podcaster, adventurer, and author of the best selling book, Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to fire my boss. I like my boss! But I DO want to rethink how I do my work so that I can be better at all aspects of my life. I work hard at my job year round. I’m not saying that because I want an award or pity from you. I say it because I think you work hard at your job too, and I bet that neither of us take the kind of time off we need to take.  It’s not about “deserving” the time off. It is about creating the sort of sustainability in our lives that give us long term effectiveness, and more importantly, long term health.
Look, I may get hit by a bus crossing the street tomorrow.  I may be diagnosed with an incurable terminal disease next year.  But what is the point of living if we can’t consistently take time to pause? I believe that mastering the concepts presented in this week’s episode to be the single biggest indicator of long term success in life. More on this to come in the future, as I unpack a new approach to life throughout the year!
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